VIP Financial Services offers a variety of service levels to support every budget and need. Our credit repair services levels range from $79.00 to $169.00 and each option offers you a unique coverage to fix errors on your credit report. You can pay per deletion for each item more.

We prepare an in-depth credit analysis to calculate and indicate areas of improvement for your credit score. With our specialized programming, we fine-tune individualized plans to improve current credit score in as little as 30 days! With a one-time fee of $79.00, we can start the process to financial independence and protecting your newly acquired credit with our many program options.


  • Term: 12-15 months
  • Personal Information
  • Freeze Letters
  • Analysis and review of client file status
  • 2 Inquiries
  • 2 Disputes
  • Client Portal
  • Agent Follow up every 60 days
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  • Term: (6-9 Months)
  • Personal Information
  • Freeze Letters
  • 4 Inquiries
  • 4 Disputes
  • Build Client Budget Plan
  • Provide on going credit education
  • Client Portal
  • Agent Follow up every 30 days


  • Term: 90-160 days
  • One-time payment
  • Must have less than 7 Neg Items on your report to have
  • If the client has more than 7 neg items they will need to upgrade their package.